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History OF Mooresville NC

Mooresville NC is a popular large town which is situated around 40km away from Charlotte. 
Mooresville was first occupied by Scott Irish, German, and English families who had shifted to this region from Rowan County. Many settlers had also arrived from Pennsylvania and other places. Many of these settlers started looking for lands which so that they could have lands and their own farms.

Several families, including the Torrances, Cowans, Davidsons and Wilsons had come to the area and settled here in the 1700s. As they started living here, they formed smaller communities which slowly grew to a community which was known as ‘Deep Well’. The community got its name from a natural well which was present in this region.

Several families which established farms here mainly grew cotton. Major Rufus Reid was a successful planter of this area. Years later, in 1856 a railroad was placed on a ridge which is known to cross the land of a local farmer. Moore was a small-scale planter who set his depot on the land. This move encouraged many others to establish a village on this location. This village was called ‘Moore’s siding’. However, the Civil War disrupted the development of the region.

However, after this war, John Franklin Moore realized that there was a need to incorporate the village into a town. In 1873, Mooresville was incorporated as a town. Moore helped in the development of the region. He was the one who helped in setting the first brick factory in this region. However, in 1877 Moore passed away, but his wife continued his work.

In 1883, the railroad lines were back and a new depot was added. In the 1890s, the first water plant was established in the region. In 1899, the first library was established here. In 1893, a phone company was established and textile mills were developed in 1900.

Today, Mooresville is also known as ‘Race City USA’. Now the town has more than 60 NASCAR teams. The town has several racing associated businesses and also an IndyCar team. The town has two automotive museums which are North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame and Memory Lane Motorsports and Historical Automotive Museum. 

In the present times, Mooresville is run by Town Manager Randy Hemann. This is a Commission-Manager style of municipal government. As per the census of 2019, the population of this town was 39,132. It is the largest municipality in Iredell. 

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