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Shipping Delta 8 THC & CBD Products

With our Delta 8 THC and CBD product's we typically ship within 1-3 business days after the order is placed.  If we discovered after the initial order our products are illegal in your state we reserve the right to cancel the order and charge a $25 non-refundable restocking fee.  We also reserve the right to cancel and order if we discover the intended user is not above the age of 21.  Please see our legal disclaimer here for additional questions.

Additional Shipping information for Delta 8 THC and CBD Products

At this current time, we only ship our Delta 8 THC and CBD products within the United States of America.  Retail orders are shipped within 1-3 business days of ordering, this may take longer at any time for any given reason.  These reasons could be inclement weather, distribution center miscommunications, or a violation of our terms and conditions.  We ship our Delta 8 THC and CBD products through USPS first class or priority mail, this takes an additional 2-4 business days to arrive.  Please consider when ordering our product our shipping provider does not deliver products to P.O. Boxes or on to active Military bases.  If you place an order and have it shipped to either of these locations we withhold the right to ban you from ordering our product indefinitely.  Please note that any attempt to cancel or a request to cancel an order after its placed or shipped, or try to receive any form of special treatment based on the insinuation, determined by SOLOS and affiliates, thus leaving a less than favorable review (publicly or privately), we will view this as a violation of terms of service and will be forced to not provide our services to you any longer.  This holds true with all of our affiliate companies, retailers, and all of solos subsidiary companies (VALA).  We also reserve the right to share this information with all of these parties of interest to ensure this will not continue to happen on all levels of our industry.  This in turn will cause others not to provide you with a service, or product, you've been warned.  These actions may also trigger others commenting or contacting you about such reviews or slander, if this is the case you will accept all potential outcomes as your violation of terms and service.  We withhold the right to furthermore cancel and not provide a service to you after any of our terms of service are violated.  There is NO right of privacy with anything you send to SOLOS customer service, whether written, telephoned, or communicated over any medium.  

SOLOS uses a verification system provided by USPS.  If your address is not confirmed you will receive an email from our customer service department stating why and a possible refund of your money.  If you have violated any of our terms of service then you will be charged a $25 non-refundable stocking fee and considered black listed from our product.  

For all refund inquires please contact us here at  

Here at SOLOS we do not handle ANY returns from individual retail stores.  All of our independent retail locations are entitled to their own return policies and how they handle the issuing and return of Delta 8 THC and CBD.  If you purchased one of our products through our website then you will need to directly contact SOLOS customer service team here.  Full disclosure, we have a way to monitor whether or not you purchased a product from our website or a retail store, so please, unless you would like to be blacklisted from our high-quality Delta 8 THC and CBD products please be an honest person.  

With this in mind if you purchased a product and something is wrong with your purchase you may be entitled to a full refund without any additional restocking fee or penalty as long as we are notified within a 10 day period of the initial purchase date.  

After the initial claim is made about your product you will need to send back the UNUSED portion of the product before an issued refined or exchange will be considered.  If we deem it is a legitimate reason for the return we will not charge you a restocking fee.  

Though we stand behind our product, the effectiveness of our product is NOT a viable reason for refund.  Cannabinoids have the ability to affect everyone differently and we have no way of gauging now this will affect you.  You are solely responsible for any and all side-effects of our products.  

If our product arrives to you damaged or unusable you must notify our customer service team on the day of arrival via phone or email at  Your email must contain the issue you are experiencing and order number of your order.  Please take pictures and have them attached to the order with your email title as followed; "DAMAGED PRODUCT- ORDER# (order number here).  

In the event of a VALID exchange of one of our Delta 8 THC or CBD products (broken or not) return shipping will depend on the number of products ordered and options available.  Within an approved situation we will send you a return label for your product via email or reimburse you for the USPS first class shipping.  Please DO NOT ship anything without approval from our customer service team members, if you happen to ship a product back packaged wrong, or a more expensive manner you will be liable for any and all charges and fees associated with that package.  

As mentioned before we hold the right to deny any refund or reimbursement for any reason at any time.  We also retain the right to deny any and all services to any business, person(s), or separate entity for any reason at any given time.  

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