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Things To Do Mooresville NC

Mooresville NC is also known as the ‘Race City USA’ mainly because of the significant number of NASCAR racing teams which are based here. Mooresville is a fun city which offers a lot to see and do. Most importantly, racing enthusiasts should not miss the unique opportunity of touring the racing facilities and picking some exciting, branded merchandise.

Here are some of the many things to do in Mooresville NC:

Visit the Lazy 5 Ranch

This famous Zoo is the home to more than 750 animals from different continents of the world. This zoo is privately owned and operated with some exotic animals like giraffes and zebras.  There is a 3.5-mile driving route through this park or hire a horse-drawn wagon ride.


Tour Lake Norman

Lake Norman is the famous lake of Mooresville and offers a splendid view. Visitors can explore the natural wetlands as they travel on a modern cruiser. Those who do not wish to try the speedy passenger cruiser can stroll across the lake on a vintage paddlewheel boat. Lake Norman is visited by several people throughout the year as they spend time with their family and friends.


Visit the NASCAR Museum

A splendid tour of the NASCAR Museum shall take you down to the car racing history. There is a prominent display floor, where visitors can see several preserved cars which includes Intimidator. Besides this, there are several real trophies on display, which were won by popular drivers. There are many NASCAR memorabilia to present. There is a gift shop attached to this museum, which is something that every NASCAR fan can admire.


Visit Pit Indoor Kart Racing 

This is all about 140,000 square feet of complete indoor entertainment. This is the place where one can take part in various exciting activities and experience the adrenaline rush of go-karting. This is a 70,000-foot track which have around 20 challenging turns. There is a lot of space for passing and the karts which are just a few inches off the ground can move at a speed up to 45 mph. Besides this, there are 65 and more arcade games, there are a laser tag arena and a golf course as well.


Mooresville Arts Gallery

This is a popular non-profit organization which is quite popular amongst the arts community for several years now. This gallery has three spaces which host exhibitions of many reputed artists – regional, international, and local. These exhibitions are usually held once a week.

These were some of the popular events which are held in Mooresville throughout the year. 

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