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Craft Delta 8 THC Perfected.

Craft Delta 8 THC & CBD For Targeted Relief


Targeted Relief When You Need it

Delta 8 THC 


Industry Leading CBD Products



What Can Craft Delta 8 THC & CBD Do For You?

Delta 8 THC & CBD offer a variety of benefits no matter what form of targeted relief you're seeking.

Targeted Relief

Whether you're seeking medicinal applications or a recreational, Solos craft Delta 8 THC strains provide just that.  Versatility at its finest. Say goodbye to all your worries and give Solos Delta 8 a try, you WON'T be disappointed. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

What's the purpose of CBD? Long-term Relief.  CBD products have been shown to be effective in multiple applications to help promote a healthier lifestyle.  What to learn more? Click HERE to learn more about how CBD can make an impact on your life.



The Delta 8 THC gummies I ordered from Solos were hands down the best tasting gummies I have ever had.  Not only did they taste fantastic, but they relaxed my husband and I after a long day of work by just taking one!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED




When I first heard about Solos and Delta 8 THC Vape Carts, I was skeptical.  I am an avid Delta-9 THC user so my expectations were high.  Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed in the product they offer.  



I ordered Solos Hemp "Full-spectrum Gummy" and let me just say, wow!  The taste was great and didn't leave an aftertaste.  10/10 recommend daily CBD dosing.

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