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About us

Here at Solos, we use love to make a positive impact on the lives of others.  Founded by a hyper-successful entrepreneur in the hemp world, Solos aims to understand each of our consumer's needs.  With our high-tech growing facilities and expert-backed research, we strive to provide only the best gummy, vape, or flower to cater to your needs.  In turn, providing a higher quality purer product than our competitors, you won't be disappointed. 


After years of research and new development techniques we've found a way to provide an even purer version of Delta-8 THC from our hemp flower in 2018 and now are able to offer the USA's first federally legal Delta-8 THC- dominant product to 40 states since the cannabis ban was enacted.   


With Delta-8 THC and CBD being legal across most states in the U.S.A on a federal level, we now offer a range of  Delta-8 THC and CBD products for all of your needs. 

Our promise is to provide only the best quality delivered to your doorstep, quickly, consistently, and with a smile.  Our hearts are filled with love and our product reflects this love for this industry.  From our family to yours, thank you for all your support.  

To learn more about Delta-8 THC click here.

Solos Mission

Our Mission at Solos Hemp is to deliver high-quilty pure hemp-derived products for each beloved customer. Each craft item welcomes a subtle feeling of whatever the user desires.  Solo's mission is to provide safe access to hemp-derived products for all adult-use needs.

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