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LEgal Disclaimer

All information available on this site is not intended to or should be considered as legal advice. All material, information, and content available on this website are meant for general use and should not be used as legal advice. Information or content of this website might not be the most updated legal facts or other updated information. The website has links to different third-party websites. All these links are solely for the convenience of the browser, user, or reader: Solos & Vala Hemp, its affiliates, its members, or associates do not endorse or recommend the content of different third-party websites that are linked.


All readers are requested to get in touch with their legal advisor or attorney for advice when there is a need with respect to any legal matter. This includes information related to decisions such as what certain products are, what they are not, and whether it is legal to sell such products. No browser, user, or read should refrain from acting or should act based on the information available on this website, without seeking legal advice in the specific jurisdiction. Your attorney will be able to provide you assurance related to the information available here, its interpretation and if it is appropriate or application to your specific situation. Any use of, or access to information or this website or to the resources or links contained within this website, will not create any kind of client – attorney relation between the browser, user, reader, and the website authors, committee members, contributing law firms and employers.


Laws can be made up to the interpretation of jury or judge or court. It may happen that there is a legal enforcement or law, that is contradictory to our interpretation related to the legal status of Delta 8 THC. You agree that 3Chi and all associated people or persons are not liable for any type of loss that arises from any decision to sell, use, buy and even distribute products that have Delta 8 THC.


Views which are expressed here or through this website or the views of the individual authors are in their individual capacities. These are not related to 3Chi wholly. Liabilities that are related to various actions that are taken are generally not based on the different contents present in the site. This is hereby disclaimed.


This content is provided ‘as is’ and there is no representation of the fact that the content is free from errors.

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